Stretton Payne Signature Series, Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar, Full Size, Steel String, Spruce Top, AD-08CEQ

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Stretton Payne Signature Series, Dreadnought Electro-Acoustic Guitar, Full Size, Steel String, Spruce Top, AD-08CEQ

Stretton Payne Signature Series Acoustic Guitars

Stretton Payne Signature Series, Dreadnought Electro-Acoustic Guitar, AD-08CEQ

Dreadnought Electro Acoustic Guitar - AD-08CEQ

This is a Dreadnought Guitar

The dreadnought is a type of acoustic guitar body that has become the most common size and shape for acoustic guitars. At the time of its creation in 1916 the word dreadnought referred to a large, all big-gun, modern battleship of the type pioneered by HMS Dreadnought in 1906. With a body much larger than most other guitars at the time, it provided the dreadnought with a bolder, richer, and often louder tone. It is distinguished by its size and square shoulders and bottom.

It has stood the test of time with its rich tone and versatility to become the most recognisable steel string acoustic guitar body shape in the world.

This guitar is an Electro Acoustic Dreadnought with an active EQ (equalizer) pickup. Electro Acoustic guitars are made for the person who wants the ability to play the guitar through an amplifier or pa system or recording studio. Its for the gigging musician, recording artist or home recording studio. The guitar has all the tonal benefits of a dreadnought guitar with the extra ability for the player to reach the lower frets on the cutaway body.

Key Features

The type of tonal wood used to build a guitar body is key to a great sounding instrument. The type of wood used in the neck, fretboard and bridge is also very important in producing a quality guitar that plays well. Here is a list of the carefully selected tonal woods we used to make this guitar with an explanation of the tonal properties you can expect from the guitar listed below.

Top: Spruce

Back and Sides: Agathis

Neck: Mahogany

Machine Heads: Chrome Diecast

Fret Material: Nickel

Fretboard Material: Purple Heart

Finish: High Gloss

Cutaway Body: Yes

Pickup: Active EQ with Built in Chromatic Tuner

The Tonal Woods we used to build this guitar.

Spruce Tone Wood

Spruce Top

Spruce is generally regarded as the industry standard tone wood for guitar tops. It offers the widest depth of tone and character for every playing style. Spruce is a softwood and is generally considered more sustainable than hard woods because it has a faster growth and regeneration rate. It has a tight creamy white grain with good pliability that produces a broad dynamic range of sound.

The reason for spruces persistent popularity is its ability to produce bright responsive balanced tone.

Agathis Tone Wood

Agathis Back and Sides

Agathis is a member of the conifer family and is widespread across the southern hemisphere. It is commonly used for guitar production because of its relatively low cost of production and its reputation for being easy to work with. When paired with other tonal woods Agathis is a good compromise between overall tone and affordability.

Mahogany Tone Wood

Mahogany Neck

Mahogany is a straight grained redish-brown wood that produces guitars with an impressive beauty and depth of sound. Its stunning colour produces beautiful natural finished guitars. It is widely used in quality guitar necks due to its straight grain, density and strength. When used in the guitar body it is characterised as having a warm, soft sound with pleasing resonance and balanced tone.

Purple Heart Tone Wood

Purple Heart Fretboard and Bridge

Purple Heart is a very hard, stiff and dense wood with a straight tight grain. It has become a popular choice for quality guitar fretboards and bridges due to its similar tonal properties to Rosewood but is a more sustainable choice. When freshly cut the timber is a deep purple colour and becomes a dark brown when exposed to UV light. The dense hard wearing character of Purple Heart make it a great choice for fretboards and guitar bridges as it transfers sound waves efficiently to the rest of the guitar.

The quality components we used to build this guitar?

EQ equaliser

Active EQ Pickup with Built in Chromatic Tuner

What is an Active Pickup? An active pickup is a pre amp built in to the guitar that utilises a power source, usually in the form of a 9v battery. The active pickup uses electronics to enhance or modify the signal from the guitars strings to produce a variety of tone from the guitar when plugged in to a PA system or amplifier.

The active EQ (equalisation) pickup we built in to this guitar has controls for Treble, Middle, Bass, Presence, Volume and a Phase button. It also has a built in Chromatic Tuner allowing you to keep the guitar perfectly tuned.

The treble, middle and bass controls are used to individually adjust the low to high frequency of sounds. The presence control boosts the upper midrange and treble frequencies to make the guitar sound livelier with wider present tone. The phase button adds an electronic delay to the signal which can help cancel feedback from the amplifier. The volume control allows you to adjust the over all volume of the guitars signal to the amplifier.

Quality Diecast Sealed Machine Head

Chrome Diecast machine Heads

What is a machine head? Simply put they are the component on a guitar used to adjust the string tension whilst also preventing the string from slipping. Once tensioned it’s important that the string is held in place without slipping to maintain accurate tuning.

There are a variety of machine heads to suit different budgets and they are an important component to consider when building quality guitars. They affect tuning accuracy and contribute to the stability of the guitars tuning.

Why we use Sealed (diecast) on this guitar. Sealed or Diecast machine heads are used mainly on quality mid to high end guitars. The internal mechanisms are sealed inside a diecast housing meaning the components are protected from the elements and will permanently retain its lubrication. The diecast housing keeps the gear mechanisms firmly in place making a more accurate string tensioner and holding the guitars tuning more stable. Diecast machine heads are long lasting, accurate, quality guitar components.

Quality Nickel Frets

Quality Nickel Frets

What is a fret? Frets are the metal strips that run at regular intervals along the fretboard (finger board). The number of frets on a guitar neck vary depending on the type of guitar, typically a steel string acoustic guitar has 20 frets.

Fret wire or frets are an important component that will affect the guitars playability. The type of metal they are made from will have the biggest impact over all. The three main metals used for fret wire are brass (a gold colour), nickel and stainless steel (both a silver colour).

Brass is not as hard wearing as nickel and stainless steel. This makes it a good choice for nylon string guitars but not so good for steel string acoustic guitars. Nickel is a better choice for quality steel string guitars because it is considered corrosion resistant and hard wearing. Stainless steel is a less common choice as it tends to have a more rigid structure which makes it harder to work with but is most resistant to corrosion.

Dual Action Truss Rod

Dual Action Truss Rod

What is a truss rod and do all guitars have them? Guitar necks are prone to bending from changes in temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure and tension from the guitar strings. Quality guitars have a truss rod inserted under the fretboard that runs the length of the guitar neck. A truss rod is a metal rod that can be tightened or loosened to control the bend in a guitar neck. Not all guitars have them but it’s an important component to consider when building quality guitars.

At Stretton Payne we use dual action truss rods which is a modern design that can be tightened in both directions, warping the neck in either direction. The truss rod is accessed on an acoustic guitar using an allen/hex key inside the sound hole.

A truss rod allows small adjustments to the neck position, also known as the guitars action, making the strings either closer or further away from the fretboard. Having a quality guitar with a good dual action truss rod will help set the guitar neck perfectly.


Exquisite Tonewoods

Stretton Payne Signature series guitars feature some of the finest tonewoods such as Spruce, Cedar and Mahogany, with solid top and all solid models, there is a signature series guitar to match any budget and all are a joy to play.

Stretton Payne Signature Series Limited Edition Acoustic Guitar Range

The brand new Stretton Payne Signature Series acoustic guitar range are designed to deliver maximum sound performance and playability. Crafted from some of the best tonewoods around and loaded with quality specifications, this range is ideal if you are looking for a premium guitar or a quality starter guitar.

A wide variety of body shapes and styles are available for any player, including electro acoustic and cutaway models, as well as smaller bodied travel guitars for players on the go.

Each of the signature series guitars are limited edition, with just several models produced per range, so you know your guitar is really something special.

1 Year back to base warranty
Back and Sides:
Machine Heads:
Chrome Diecast
High Gloss
Cutaway Body:
Active EQ with Built in Chromatic Tuner