Stretton Payne Dreadnought Full Sized Steel String Acoustic Guitar PACKAGE D1 Surf Green

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Full Size Dreadnought Steel String Acoustic Guitar Package

Everything You Need To Get Started On Acoustic Guitar

The Stretton Payne D1 acoustic guitar package has everything a beginner needs to get started on the acoustic guitar.

The package includes a D1 steel string acoustic guitar which is a cut above entry level. A guitar tuner which is very easy to use and helps keep the guitar perfectly tuned. A gig bag which has backpack straps to make carrying the guitar to school or lessons easy. 6 Months FREE guitar tuition from Rock Star Academy, Guitar Strap and Guitar Plectrums.

The overall quality of this package is high and contains everything you need to start playing acoustic guitar.

The Acoustic Guitar

The Stretton Payne D1 acoustic guitar is a fantastic adult starter guitar or ideal for a child moving to a full sized guitar. It has a full sized Dreadnought body and steel strings.

It has a solid Rosewood fret board and bridge. This helps to produce a better sound and feel to the guitar. The guitar has a Spruce top which is widely thought to be the best tonal wood for a guitar to be made from. The Spruce top helps the D1 play and feel like a guitar a step above normal entry level.

The D1 guitars are made for beginners and at this price they are an ideal second guitar to take to festivals and on holiday.

The Guitar Tuner

The Guitar Tuner is simple to use and has everything a beginner needs to keep an instrument in tune.

The Lessons

Stretton Payne have teamed up with Rock Star Academy to bring you 6 months worth of online guitar tuition. The lessons provide all the information and help a beginner needs to get started.

Pack Includes

Full Size Steel String Acoustic Guitar
Guitar Tuner
Acoustic Guitar Gig Bag
6 Months of Guitar Tuition from Rock Star Academy
Guitar Strap
Guitar Plectrums

Stretton payne acoustic dreadnought guitar

The Stretton Payne D1 Acoustic guitar package is the ideal choice for those learning to play, as a second guitar or as a junior player ready for their first step up to a full size guitar.

  • Spruce top for great sound performance
  • Dark tone wood bridge & neck for durability and playability
  • Steel strings for crisp bright tone with volume and power
  • Accessories included so you have everything you need to learn

Everything you need to play – straight out of the box.

The Stretton Payne D1 starter kit has everything you need to start playing and so you don’t have to worry about separately buying all of the additional accessories you need. Included in the package is a guitar bag, strap, electronic digital tuner spare strings, plectrums and free online music lessons to kickstart learning.

Quality Specifications That Make A Difference

Dreadnought Body Shape

Dreadnought Body Shape

The classically styled Stretton Payne D1 Dreadnought body shape is probably the most popular style of acoustic guitar.

The dreadnought body shape makes a strong and loud sound, which is why they are loved by a wide variety of players and sound great whatever genre of music you are playing.

Bridge of guitar

Dark Tonewood Bridge

The bridge of any guitar is a very important component both in terms of functionality and sound. One of the bridge’s most important jobs is to transfer the sound from the strings into the soundboard of the guitar as well as playing a big part in holding the strings of the guitar in place. The construction of the D1 bridge is made from a specially sourced solid dark tone wood for maximum sound performance and durability.

Dark Tonewood Fretboard

Dark Tonewood Fretboard

The fretboard has arguably the most influence over playability than any other part of the guitar.

The fretboard works hard (just think of all of those strings contantly pressing down on it). The dark tonewood fretboard on the Stretton Payne D1 is a durable material that produces a warm, rich sound and makes playing comfortable and enjoyable.

Spruce top of guitar

Spruce Top

The D1 spruce top creates a tone that you might expect from a much more expensive model, sweet, and smooth with just enough warmth to give a depth to your sound.

The spruce top also helps to give the D1 its bold projection and volume and as with everything - gets better with age!

D1 dimensions

This is a Dreadnought Guitar

The dreadnought is a type of acoustic guitar body that has become the most common size and shape for acoustic guitars. At the time of its creation in 1916 the word dreadnought referred to a large, all big-gun, modern battleship of the type pioneered by HMS Dreadnought in 1906. With a body much larger than most other guitars at the time, it provided the dreadnought with a bolder, richer, and often louder tone. It is distinguished by its size and square shoulders and bottom.

It has stood the test of time with its rich tone and versatility to become the most recognisable steel string acoustic guitar body shape in the world.

Key Features

The type of tonal wood used to build a guitar body is key to a great sounding instrument. The type of wood used in the neck, fretboard and bridge is also very important in producing a quality guitar that plays well. Here is a list of the carefully selected tonal woods we used to make this guitar with an explanation of the tonal properties you can expect from the guitar listed below.

Top: Spruce

Back and Sides: Linden

Neck: Mahogany

Machine Heads: Chrome Diecast

Fret Material: Nickel

Fretboard Material: Purple Heart

Finish: High Gloss

Cutaway Body: No

Pickup: None

The Tonal Woods we used to build this guitar.

Spruce Tone Wood

Spruce Top

Spruce is generally regarded as the industry standard tone wood for guitar tops. It offers the widest depth of tone and character for every playing style. Spruce is a softwood and is generally considered more sustainable than hard woods because it has a faster growth and regeneration rate. It has a tight creamy white grain with good pliability that produces a broad dynamic range of sound. Englemann or European spruce tends to be a little lighter and less stiff than other spruces and will produce a softer more resonant sound.

The reason for spruces persistent popularity is its ability to produce bright responsive balanced tone.

Linden Tone Wood

Linden Back and Sides

The name of this type of guitar wood interchanges depending on cultural preference but they all come from the Tilia genus of about 30 species of trees native to the northern hemisphere. It’s widely used in the construction of guitars due to its abundance and affordability. It’s tonal properties are good with a light and soft nature producing balanced tone.

Mahogany Tone Wood

Mahogany Neck

Mahogany is a straight grained redish-brown wood that produces guitars with an impressive beauty and depth of sound. Its stunning colour produces beautiful natural finished guitars. It is widely used in quality guitar necks due to its straight grain, density and strength. When used in the guitar body it is characterised as having a warm, soft sound with pleasing resonance and balanced tone.

Purple Heart Tone Wood

Purple Heart Fretboard and Bridge

Purple Heart is a very hard, stiff and dense wood with a straight tight grain. It has become a popular choice for quality guitar fretboards and bridges due to its similar tonal properties to Rosewood but is a more sustainable choice. When freshly cut the timber is a deep purple colour and becomes a dark brown when exposed to UV light. The dense hard wearing character of Purple Heart make it a great choice for fretboards and guitar bridges as it transfers sound waves efficiently to the rest of the guitar.

The quality components we used to build this guitar.

Diecast Chrome Machine Head

Chrome Diecast machine Heads

What is a machine head? Simply put they are the component on a guitar used to adjust the string tension whilst also preventing the string from slipping. Once tensioned it’s important that the string is held in place without slipping to maintain accurate tuning.

There are a variety of machine heads to suit different budgets and they are an important component to consider when building quality guitars. They affect tuning accuracy and contribute to the stability of the guitars tuning.

Why we use Sealed (diecast) on this guitar. Sealed or Diecast machine heads are used mainly on quality mid to high end guitars. The internal mechanisms are sealed inside a diecast housing meaning the components are protected from the elements and will permanently retain its lubrication. The diecast housing keeps the gear mechanisms firmly in place making a more accurate string tensioner and holding the guitars tuning more stable. Diecast machine heads are long lasting, accurate, quality guitar components.

Quality Nickel Frets

Quality Nickel Frets

What is a fret? Frets are the metal strips that run at regular intervals along the fretboard (finger board). The number of frets on a guitar neck vary depending on the type of guitar, typically a steel string acoustic guitar has 20 frets.

Fret wire or frets are an important component that will affect the guitars playability. The type of metal they are made from will have the biggest impact over all. The three main metals used for fret wire are brass (a gold colour), nickel and stainless steel (both a silver colour).

Brass is not as hard wearing as nickel and stainless steel. This makes it a good choice for nylon string guitars but not so good for steel string acoustic guitars. Nickel is a better choice for quality steel string guitars because it is considered corrosion resistant and hard wearing. Stainless steel is a less common choice as it tends to have a more rigid structure which makes it harder to work with but is most resistant to corrosion.

Dual Action Truss Rod

Dual Action Truss Rod

What is a truss rod and do all guitars have them? Guitar necks are prone to bending from changes in temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure and tension from the guitar strings. Quality guitars have a truss rod inserted under the fretboard that runs the length of the guitar neck. A truss rod is a metal rod that can be tightened or loosened to control the bend in a guitar neck. Not all guitars have them but it’s an important component to consider when building quality guitars.

At Stretton Payne we use dual action truss rods which is a modern design that can be tightened in both directions, warping the neck in either direction. The truss rod is accessed on an acoustic guitar using an allen/hex key inside the sound hole.

A truss rod allows small adjustments to the neck position, also known as the guitars action, making the strings either closer or further away from the fretboard. Having a quality guitar with a good dual action truss rod will help set the guitar neck perfectly.

stretton payne brand

Instruments That Don't Cost The Earth

Stretton Payne are a proudly British company who have been making quality musical instruments for over 20 years.

We have a strong commitment to producing instruments that have a positive impact on our environment and so in addition to sourcing FSC woods in the construction of our instruments, Stretton Payne own 50 acres of woodlands, which are protected and managed by the company, with the sole purpose of absorbing more carbon than is produced from the production and transportation of their instruments.

1 Year back to base warranty
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