LEFT HANDED Kids Acoustic Guitar Package (age 7-11) 3/4 Size - Natural

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Stretton Payne LEFT HANDED 3/4 Sized (36' inch) Nylon String Classical Guitar Beginner Package

Everything A Child Needs To Start Playing Guitar

The Stretton Payne 3/4 sized classical guitar package is ideal for a child from 7 to 11 years old or height between 130cm and 150cm. It has everything a beginner needs to get started on the guitar.

The package includes a great quality 3/4 size nylon string guitar.  A guitar gig bag with backpack strap to make carrying the guitar to school or lessons easy. Online guitar tuition from Rock Star Academy with bonus lessons Lets Play Guitar for kids and a 1 year warranty.

Package Includes -

3/4 Sized Classical Nylon String Acoustic Guitar
Guitar Gig Bag with backpack strap and accessory pocket
Guitar Strap
Guitar Tuition from Rock Star Academy
Lets Play Guitar - Guitar Lessons Especially for Children
Guitar Plectrums
1 Year Warranty

The Guitar

The Stretton Payne 3/4 size guitar is an ideal starter guitar for a child. It has a smaller body size and nylon strings. These two features combine to make this guitar comfortable for children to play. The nylon strings are kinder to fingers and the 3/4 size body makes it easy to handle.

The guitar is designed in the UK and manufactured to the high standards demanded from the designers at Stretton Payne. The quality of the guitar is not compromised by its reasonable price.

The guitar is strung and tuned exactly the same as a full size instrument. It would also be a great 2nd guitar for anyone wanting to travel or to take to a festival.

Guitar Specifications

Player Age Guide - 7 to 11
Player Height Guide - 130cm to 150cm
Body Size - 3/4
Guitar Length - 36' inches - 91.5cm
Scale Length - 57.5cm
Nut Width - 4.5cm
Body Width 1 - 34cm
Body Width 2 - 26cm
Body Depth - 8cm

Stretton payne children's 3/4 guitar


The classical 3/4 guitar is the ideal choice for children. With nylon strings and a smaller body it is comfortable and easier to enjoy learning to play.

Everything you need to play – straight out of the box

The Stretton Payne 3/4 Classical starter kit has everything they need to start playing and so you don’t have to worry about separately buying all of the additional accessories you need. Included in the package is a guitar bag, strap, plectrums and free online music lessons to kickstart learning.

Help & Advice

As part of the Stretton Payne 3/4 Guitar package, we have included a range of helpful 'how to' videos to help you set up and tune the guitar. These short tutorials include how to use your digital tuner and stretching nylon strings which will help to improve the tuning stability of your guitar.

Quality Specifications That Make A Difference

Classical Body Shape

Smaller 3/4 Size Body

When it comes to Children learning to play the guitar well, getting the right guitar is key. If it is difficult to handle for them then they will most certainly find it harder to learn.

The 3/4 body of the Stretton Payne guitar has been designed to make playing enjoyable with an easy to handle smaller body which doesn't compromise the sound performance of this great guitar.

Bridge of guitar

Nylon Strings

The Stretton Payne classical 3/4 guitar has nylon strings making it that much softer on children's fingers as opposed to a steel string guitar.

Also the string tension on the Stretton Payne classical guitar is typically lower than on an steel string guitar. This makes it easier to press the strings down to create clear notes which is encouraging as they begin learning.

Dark Tonewood Fretboard

Shorter Neck & Fretboard

The Stretton Payne 3/4 Sized guitar has a shorter neck and fretboard which also makes it ideal for smaller hands to wrap around and reach the chords.

The fretboard is made from a durable solid tonewood, meaning that the 3/4 guitar doesn't compromise on sound quality.

Spruce top of guitar

Spruce Top

The spruce top gives the guitar a clear and balanced tone with great sound projection.

The construction of the 3/4 guitar is durable and designed to withstand daily life and the trips to and from lessons!

3/4 dimensions
stretton payne brand

Instruments That Don't Cost The Earth

Stretton Payne are a proudly British company who have been making quality musical instruments for over 20 years.

We have a strong commitment to producing instruments that have a positive impact on our environment and so in addition to sourcing FSC woods in the construction of our instruments, Stretton Payne own 50 acres of woodlands, which are protected and managed by the company, with the sole purpose of absorbing more carbon than is produced from the production and transportation of their instruments.

1 Year back to base warranty
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