GA Mini


The GA-Mini is a short scaled ¾ sized grand auditorium guitar. It benefits from all the key characteristics of a long scale Grand Auditorium guitar but offers the advantages of a short scale guitar. It’s an easy playing, fun and accessible guitar with a full bodied steel string sound.

Grand Auditorium

The Grand Auditorium guitar is considered a modern shaped mid sized guitar. Although it has similar depth and lower bout as the dreadnought guitar it has a slimmer waist. This makes playing the guitar sat down more comfortable while still producing a large vibrant sound. It is widely considered to be a great all round guitar, easily handling both finger picking and strumming styles.

What are the benefits of a Short Scale Length?

A guitar scale length is the distance between the nut and saddle. A scale length shorter than 62cm (25.4 inches) is generally considered to be a short scale. A short scale guitar is tuned to the same pitch as a long scale guitar but requires less string tension. In effect the string is looser and more elastic. Playing notes and chords requires less pressure from your fretting hand making it a little easier on your fingers to play. Shorter scale length guitars have a shorter total neck length than a long scale guitar making it easier for smaller players to reach the entire length of the guitar neck.

Standard Series Guitars

If you are looking for a great quality inexpensive guitar, the Stretton Standard Series guitars are for you. This range of quality guitars are constructed using the same hand made process as our top of the range guitars, ultimately producing great playing, lovely sounding guitars. The range is designed with new players in mind and these guitars are an excellent choice for aspiring players.