Children's Guitars FAQ

What age range are the Children’s guitars for?

 Below is a guide for the age ranges relating to Stretton Payne Children’s guitars.

However, be sure to check the height guide too against the recommended size of guitar.




Does the bag work as a rucksack so can be carried on both shoulders?

Yes the guitar bag included in the Children’s packages has backpack straps for easy transportation to and from school or lessons.



Does this come with a strap or can a strap be fitted?

Yes all of the Children’s guitar packages come complete with a guitar strap that is easily fitted. For more details on how to attach your guitar strap, watch this short ‘how to guide’ here.


Why has my nylon string guitar got 3 metal strings?

The top 3 strings on all nylon, classical string guitars have metal wound around the nylon core to enable the guitar to produce bass tones. This is standard on all classical guitars including Children’s guitars. The bottom 2 strings are made purely from nylon.


How many strings does this guitar have?

The guitar has 6 strings.


What is meant by a ‘classical’ guitar?

A classical guitar has nylon strings as opposed to steel strings. This makes it an ideal choice for children learning to play, as the nylon strings are much softer on their fingers.


How do you access the free 6 months online lessons?

When you receive your guitar, a leaflet is included from our partners Rockstar Academy who provide the online guitar lessons.


Your leaflet will contain a unique code that you will enter when you register for lessons. Once registered you will have access to the relevant Children’s guitar course, specifically designed to help young learners.


My guitar sounds out of tune, how do I fix this?

Stretton Payne instruments are quality checked and pre-tuned prior to shipping, however transportation and temperature changes throughout transit can mean that the guitar needs a little fine tuning before playing.


All of our children’s classical guitar packages come with an easy to use digital tuner. Find out how to tune your guitar using a digital tuner here.