NEWS: Stretton guitars now ship direct to homes in the United States

Posted by Matt Cropp on 20th Sep 2022

NEWS: Stretton guitars now ship direct to homes in the United States

Stretton guitars are now available in the United States and can be shipped directly to homes right across the country from New York to Los Angeles.

Proudly designed in Great Britain, the country that gave you the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Coldplay, Led Zeppelin and One Direction, Stretton have been making high-quality musical instruments for more than two decades.

All of those big bands started somewhere and we believe in inspiring bedroom musicians, songwriters and those wanting to make their way into the music industry.

Our inspiration comes from music which is making waves on radio and TV stations but also from YouTube stars, Instagramers and Influencers.

Bedroom musicians

We want to help the bedroom musicians of today get their talents noticed and become stars of the future – and our prices reflect that.

Well Stretton guitars are very much affordable, they never lack on quality.

Each guitar is tested to make sure that the paint finish is great and that the woods are bound together properly. The inside of a guitar is very intricate and there are lots of binding and bracing within it to make sure it holds its structure and makes an amazing sound every time it is played.

If you are a beginner, check out our Stretton social channels to find a wide range of tutorials, teaching you the beginner steps for learning the guitar.

On our website, we have a wide variety of guitars, perfect for any age and ability.

United States

MD Matt Cropp said: “We are delighted to be bringing the Stretton brand to the United States. It’s a country that has given so much to music across every genre and the guitar is at the centre of much of that rich history.

“The Stretton identity embraces the modern face of music, inspiring a new generation of players - young, old, female, male and everything in-between.

“We are also fully committed to producing instruments that have a positive impact on our environment. That attitude pervades every part of our design and production process."

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