BLOG: It really doesn't take long to play a guitar - and we will tell you why

Posted by Martin Crowson on 28th Apr 2022

BLOG: It really doesn't take long to play a guitar - and we will tell you why

It is a common misconception that learning to play the guitar can take a long time.

The beauty of the instrument is that you can pick one up and start making sounds straight away.

They might not be beautiful sounds just yet but, whether you are right or left-handed, you can get started immediately.

Then the challenge comes of putting your hands and fingers in the right places to start turning that noise into music.

Before you feel too overawed at that challenge, just remember that a massive amount of songs in all sorts of genres have been written using only a couple of chords.

The Beatles

We promise that you will not need to become an expert before you can start making songs on a Stretton guitar.

In fact, some of the biggest bands in the world have used very simple chord progressions in their songs. Listen to music from the British band, the Beatles, any punk band or some US ‘college rock’ to hear how few chords are involved.

There is nothing remotely complicated about that sort of music.

That’s not to say you don’t have to put some good work in when learning how to play a guitar.

As with most things in life, dedication and practise are important factors. So are you prepared to put the time in?


It can also take a little bit of time for your hands and fingers to get used to some movements they may not be familiar with. Playing little and often – maybe 10 to 15 minutes - in the first few weeks of owning a Stretton guitar will help you build up strength in your hands and dexterity in your fingers.

We also suggest that you buy a guitar stand and make your new guitar ‘live’ in a prominent place in your house. Somewhere you will see a lot of it, whether that be your front room or bedroom… but not your spare room, attic, or little-seen basement!

Whenever you walk past it, pick it up, play a few chords and put it down. Go back later and do the same. That repetition will really help you learn quickly and pick up the technical aspects too.

All Stretton guitars look great, as well as sound great, for a reason.

Your style

We want them to stand out in your home so they not only look cool but that they add to the look of the room they are in. The better they look, the more time people want to have them in their arms.

That’s why we do different colours too to match your style and your image.

The rest, is up to you.

So whether you are 8 or 80, good luck from us all at Stretton.

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