BLOG: Five top tips to become a 'bedroom musician'

Posted by Martin Crowson on 4th Feb 2022

BLOG: Five top tips to become a 'bedroom musician'

There has been a huge increase in people making music at home since the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic in early 2020.

It is now easier than ever to make good quality music in your home, flat, apartment or bedroom and people are proving that across the world.

English band, the Arctic Monkeys, shot to fame after file sharing their debut album and singer Lily Allen got to No.1 in the UK singles chart after sharing a song and video on MySpace.

So, with your new Stretton guitar in hand and a determination to make some music, the sky is the limit.

Here are five practical tips we have put together to help you make the most of your efforts.

Make learning fun

You are playing an instrument for fun and you are making your own music for fun, so don’t let that process become a slog.

Realise there will be some days when you are just not feeling it and that your creative juices have ran dry.

On those days, whatever your routine may be, just accept that the best decision you can make is to put your Stretton guitar down and go and do something else.

Be inspired by others

Whether your music making is on a roll or has hit the wall, it’s always a good idea to listen to what other people are doing to get ideas, tips or just appreciate another piece of music.

As humans, we never know everything, so it’s always a good trait to say that you are constantly learning. One of the great things about music is that you can always learn off other people, whatever their age.

With a huge amount of content around on social media channels, keep your eyes and ears open and keep an open mind to various genres. It’s great to feel inspired by someone else’s work.

Develop a community on social media

Take time to tell other people that you like their music and how they play. It will help you to grow your own community on social media.

We all like a pat on the back occasionally and to be told that you are doing a good job by someone you don’t know can create a warm glow.

So, drop a ‘like’ or a comment on someone else’s social media feed and make them feel good about themselves.

Crucially, it may also encourage them to be kind to you in reply and by liking or sharing your music, it can place what you do in front of hundreds or thousands of new ears.

Find a place where you can play in peace

Admittedly, this may not be the easiest task in the world, especially for people with big families during recent Covid lockdowns! But it is often a factor that is overlooked.

We give ourselves the best chance of doing a good job of whatever we are doing if we can provide the right environment and allow ourselves time to think and be creative.

So, give yourselves the best chance you can by finding a quiet space and allocating yourself a block of time in which you don’t expect to be interrupted.

Knowing that you have both time and space with your Stretton guitar can give you the opportunity to bring out the best in yourself. Who knows what you might be able to create?

Start taking an interest in music technology

We are not suggesting that you spend big money transferring your bedroom into a fully-fledged studio before you have played your first note.

But it is a good idea when you start becoming proficient with your Stretton guitar to start examining little steps to make your music as good as it can be.

There are all sorts of things out there that can help you with hardware, software, mixing and distribution, as well as physical things you can do to your recording space to make it more conducive to making music.

If you start taking an interest in these developments, you will know where to start looking when you feel the time is right to take your music-making up a level.

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