The Parlour guitar is the smallest of the full sized steel string acoustic guitar range. It has an elongated body which enhances the volume of this small guitar. It originated in the 19th Century and was popular on the folk and blues scenes. Its popularity continues today as players find its mid-range tone, historic vibe and portability a pleasing choice when looking for an uncompromising lightweight guitar.

Its colloquially thought that the resurgence of the Parlour Guitar is down to advancements in modern amplification and recording equipment which have made big bodied guitars unnecessary in the modern era of making and performing music.

Signature Series Guitars

The premium quality woods used in our Signature Series guitars are expertly selected for their superior tonal properties and beauty. Each guitar is hand crafted by a master luthier to the highest standard. Attention to detail is key to producing this exquisite range of flagship guitars that we are proud to add our makers signature to.

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