Travel Guitar

Travel guitars are designed for the guitarist on the go, the nomadic busker or a player who prefers a smaller sized guitar. They are made with a short scale length and scaled down ¾ sized bodies. They are easy playing, fun and accessible guitars with a full bodied steel string sound. Although made for adults they are a great choice for children 8 plus looking for a steel string guitar.

The benefits of a short scale length.

A guitar scale length is the distance between the nut and saddle. A scale length shorter than 62cm (25.4 inches) is generally considered to be a short scale. A short scale guitar is tuned to the same pitch as a long scale guitar but requires less string tension. In effect the string is looser and more elastic. Playing notes and chords requires less pressure from your fretting hand making it a little easier on your fingers to play. Shorter scale length guitars have a shorter total neck length than a long scale guitar making it easier for smaller players to reach the entire length of the guitar neck.

Signature Series Guitars

The premium quality woods used in our Signature Series guitars are expertly selected for their superior tonal properties and beauty. Each guitar is hand crafted by a master luthier to the highest standard. Attention to detail is key to producing this exquisite range of flagship guitars that we are proud to add our makers signature to.