12 String

12 string guitars are steel string guitars with 6 pairs of strings, as the name suggests 12 strings in total. One string in each pair is tuned the same as a standard 6 string guitar and the second string is seated very closely, tuned either 1 octave higher for the E A D G strings and as identical pairs for the B and e strings. The guitar neck is slightly wider to accommodate the extra strings and the headstock is elongated to accommodate the extra machine heads.

Compared to a standard 6 string guitar, the extra strings and tuning of a 12 string guitar produce a fuller harmonically resonant sound. The pairs of strings are generally struck simultaneously producing a shimmering depth of sound not possible on a standard 6 string guitar. 12 string guitars produce a unique rise and fall in intensity that is pleasing to the ear and capable of producing sounds you can’t find on any other instrument.

Standard Series Guitars

If you are looking for a great quality inexpensive guitar, the Stretton Standard Series guitars are for you. This range of quality guitars are constructed using the same hand made process as our top of the range guitars, ultimately producing great playing, lovely sounding guitars. The range is designed with new players in mind and these guitars are an excellent choice for aspiring players.