What size and type of guitar should you buy?

Buying the right size guitar is not always straight forward so here at Stretton Payne we have put together some guide lines according to player age and height.

Acoustic Guitars for Children

It is generally recommended that children learn to play on nylon string classical guitars. Nylon strings are kinder to fingers and have less tension which makes them easier to press. Nylon string classical guitars also have slightly wider fretboards which can help with finger placement.

Here are our guidelines on which guitar is right for you or your child. The Stretton Payne guitar range has a guitar for every age and height. Click on the links for recommendations.

Quarter ¼ Size Guitars
Player Height – 80cm to 120cm
Age – 3 to 6

Half ½ Size Guitars
Player Height – 110cm to 140cm
Age – 5 to 8

Three-quarter ¾ Size Guitars
Player Height – 130cm to 150cm
Age – 7 to 11

Full 4/4 Size Guitars
Player Height – 150cm +
Age – 11+


Acoustic Guitars for Adults

Player Height – 150cm +
Age – 11+

Adults generally learn to play on steel string acoustic guitars. Steel string guitars are used in most modern music and they are capable of playing most music styles. This makes them the most popular choice for acoustic guitar players. There are lots of different body shapes but the most common is the dreadnought or sometimes referred to as western. Variations in body shapes are there to produce deeper or lighter tones, it all boils down to personal preference but the dreadnought shape is a great all-rounder hence its popularity.

There is also the option of an electro acoustic guitar and these are for players who would like to plug their guitar in to an amplifier or PA system. This is not usually necessary for beginners or people wanting to play acoustically. However, electro acoustic guitars generally have smaller bodies and are a great alternative to a dreadnought guitar for smaller players.

Stretton Payne Dreadnought Guitars
Stretton Payne Electro Acoustic Guitars

An alternative acoustic for an adult is a full sized nylon string classical guitar. These guitars are also referred to as Spanish or flamenco guitars. Like the electro acoustics they have a smaller body than the dreadnought guitar but they have a wider fretboard which can help with finger placement. They are most suited to classical style music and flamenco styles.

Stretton Payne Classical Guitars