A Collection of Customised Guitars Selected and Set-up by Stretton Payne

Stretton Payne Custom Shop

Hi I’m Stretton Payne and on this page I want to blog about our custom shop. I’ve been fixing and messing about with guitars since my early teens and customised many guitars. For the last 20 years I’ve been running music shops online and on the high street and in shopping malls and I love all guitars. Our pro custom shop dates back about 12 years to when Matt and I created our first 2 Stretton Payne Bandit Custom Electric Guitars. So I carry it on here with a selection of vintage and collectors 2nd hand guitars that we put through our custom shop to make them better than new. I love the older guitars as the aged wood give some real depth to the sound. The second hand guitars all have some kind of dink or mark but it kind of adds to the character of the guitar.

What do we do in the custom shop?

We customise our Stretton Payne guitars with 1 off designs like the Stretton Payne D1 Acoustic Guitar with Telecaster bridge and pick-up. You can see videos and pictures of this on Instagram and my Facebook page.

Also I select second hand guitars that I think are brilliant and have dealt or owned or played them before. We then breathe new life back into them with a full strip down and rebuild before they are re-strung and set-up by me.

Jobs on the instruments include:

Complete fret dress and action adjustment for the perfect playing surface.

Complete re-wiring of electrics.

Deep clean of the guitar both outside and inside of the guitar. On our acoustics we use a specialised vacuum suction devise to remove old dust from inside the guitar which may dampen the guitars vibrations and sound.

Polish the guitar bodies with an industrial buffer machine and hand finishing.

Replacement and repair of any of the hardware from tuning pegs to full electronics installation.

There are 3 of us running the work shop at Rock Star Academy working on all of our Stretton Payne guitars but all the special custom guitars get re-strung and set up by me before being securely packed for recorded insured delivery.

Rather than post lots of pictures on Instagram Facebook and Twitter this is the page for me to post about our custom shop guitars. Oh yes please also follow me on Stretton Payne Instagram PageInstagram and add friends on Stretton Payne Facebook PageFacebook.

Chord Telecaster Butterscotch Blonde Maple Neck Electric Guitar
September 12th, 2016 2:44 pm     A+ | a-
Stripdown and body polish, neck industrial polish and fret shine new strings and complete set-up.

BEFORE Custom Shop Photo



This was an easy one. Its a brand new guitar but we've had it a while hanging in the back workshop so it's up for a clearance sale. To improve the guitar I wanted to really make the neck shine and polish the frets. We use our own machine to polish and shine the frets and they are now sparkling. Then I checked the neck bow and adjusted the truss rod to flatten out the neck for a nice low action playing surface. Once polished it's new string time and a pro set-up. For this I used Rotosound 9s. I set the itonation while tuning it and now it is perfect!

Sorry its gone already.
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